EFSA Info Session on Novel Foods

Considering that the new European Union (EU) Regulation on Novel Foods comes into effect in January 2018, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) holds a Technical Session on 6 March in Parma to address the requirements set by EFSA for the preparation and presentation of an application for authorisation of a novel food and for notification of traditional foods from third countries to document the history of safe use. The agenda of the meeting includes the following topics:

  • Characterisation of a novel food and its production process
  • Proposed uses, use levels and anticipated intake
  • Key issues regarding the kinetics (“ADME data”) and the toxicological data
  • The relevance of human data regarding nutritional information and safety
  • Learning from the past: scientific reasons which led to Member State comments and clock-stops by EFSA
  • Traditional Foods: history of use in a third country and proposed uses for the EU

The Technical Session, which is open for all stakeholders interested in the field of novel food assessment including representatives of the EU Member States, industry, academia, although limited to 90 participants only, aims for an exchange of views on the preparation and safety assessment of applications for market authorisation of novel foods.